Thursday, 5 February 2009

Party report Jan 31

Another very successful cosmosoirée was held last saturday, despite the heavy rain which evidently put some people off coming at the last minute (not a very good excuse!). In total there were 36 guests, 19 women and 17 men, from 15 different countries of origin: Spain, USA, Italy, Holland, Germany, Finland, Latvia, Scotland, France, Slovakia, Turkey, Argentina, Colombia, New Zealand and Australia!

The format was pretty much the same as the previous party and all went very smoothly. Some wonderful home-made delicacies were again provided by friends, thanks guys for your efforts! Most memorable were Salvatore’s potato gratinée and apple pie, Bea’s apricot tart, Hop's chickpea salad, quiches from Anna and Paolo, Eva’s tuna montaditos… and may I also add my own bok choy salad and of course the old faithful chicken curry…

Once again the terrace seemed to be the most popular spot during the evening (perhaps because that's where the self serve bar is;) and the awning managed to protect us all from the rain, not a problem!!! Another place which is proving to be a prime position is the bathtub! Not as odd as that sounds due to the fact that is is opened out to the living space and faces the buffet table, so it forms an excellent spot for guests to perch and becomes a bit of a hub.

The party went on a little late this time, with a small group of stayers dancing on into the wee hours... not exactly my ideal as I don't want to start annoying the neighbours, but what can I say, we were having so much fun! There was rather a mess to clean up in the end... but thanks a lot to Irma and Lorne for helping me.

I had actually been expecting around 50 guests and had told a few others they couldn't come as I was at the limit... so I would like to stress again that bailing out at the last minute (especially not even letting me know) is very bad manners! Apologies (and sympathy) of course to those who had legitimately come down with terrible flus:(
Finally I would like to thank everyone who came and participated in the spirit of cosmosoirée to mingle and make new friends. All in all a very enjoyable evening.

I am planning to have the parties on the last saturday of every month, so the next is programmed for February 28... watch this space!