Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Next event Saturdau April 22


As the weather warms up and the sunny season begins, let’s celebrate our “G” dinner with some Greek gusto! Greek cuisine is the perfect example of a traditional Mediterranean diet - a base of olive oil with fresh vegetables, seafood, meat and grains, combined with local herbs like oregano, mint, rosemary, garlic, bay, basil and thyme. It also incorporates plenty of cheese, yoghurt, honey and nuts, and all washed down with a healthy dose of wine of course!
Our informal feast will comprise a selection of “meze” (appetizers) followed by a main course buffet of typical Greek dishes, and a selection of desserts, all freshly prepared by Cordon Bleu chef Slavko Mitric of the fabulous Roux Bar -
As always we will enjoy a welcome cocktail, free bar access of wines, beers etc., and best of all mingling with fun international people in a private party atmosphere. We can’t promise any plate smashing, but otherwise will do our best to recreate the flavors, sounds and spirit of an authentic Grecian festivity!


MEZE: Spanakopita (spinach & feta filo) · grilled lamb rack with mint jelly · dolmades · feta watermelon spears · hummus · tzatziki · pita chips · olives…

MAIN COURSE BUFFET: Moussaka · koftas with tomato glaze · roasted lamb leg with pomegranate molasses glaze · Slavkos “Pulpo Fiction” · Greek salad · lemon thyme garlic roasted potatoes · sauteed green vegetable · saganaki with metaxa (flambée cheese with brandy)

DESSERT: baklava · rice pudding · fruit salad 

DRESS CODE: Casual chic... with a touch of Mediterranean madness ;)

CONTRIBUTION 30€ please bring in an envelope with your name on, thanks!

RSVP: Your place is not confirmed until you email me directly, please do so ASAP! kimalexandrah@gmail.com