Friday, 30 September 2016

Next Event Saturday October 8


Is there such a thing as “Australian Cuisine”? Well, apparently not, according to this interesting article (haha, please read!)
Pedantics aside, there is no doubt that Australia has a rich and ever-evolving “food culture” drawing from its ethnic diversity and unique geographical position. The country’s culinary heritage may be originally rooted in European traditions, particularly Anglo/Irish and Mediterranean, but it has also embraced the more exotic cuisines of its Chinese and South East Asian communities. It is a land blessed with an abundance of fresh natural produce, including the unique native flora and fauna which sustained the indigenous population for thousands of years. 

So Australians grow up eating a wide array of cuisines. A typical pub or café menu will have an eclectic selection of dishes like Chicken Parmigiana, Spaghetti Bolognese, Salt & Pepper squid, Laksa and Pad Thai, all popular favorites. With the global foodie boom of the past 30 years or so, contemporary Australian cuisine has come a long way in the search for its own identity, taking influences from around the world and combining them on the same plate in new and unexpected ways that work… basically anything goes, as long as it’s yummy!
For this dinner I am coordinating my Australian friends in Barcelona - amongst them some gourmet cooks - to contribute a variety of dishes reflecting the eclectic nature of our food culture, and of course we couldn’t be without some old classics!

Appetizers: Vegemite bites, Sausage rolls with Granny’s homemade sauce, Avocado & feta smash on toast, Dukkah dip...
To follow: Laksa soup, fish-cakes with sweet mango chutney
Seared Kangaroo steak with bush tomato rub, mustard mashed potato with Australian truffle salt
Selection of surprising salads...

Sweets: Lamingtons, Pavlova with fresh fruit, Honey crackles, Fairy bread, TimTams!
DRINKS: Outback Punch, Australian red & white wine + beers.
Please understand this is a dinner with a lot of organization and costs involved, we must try to get the numbers right!
YOUR CONTRIBUTION: PLEASE BRING IN AN ENVELOPE WITH YOUR NAME ON, we do not want to deal with cash! Suggested amount 30€,
minimum 25€, up to you, thanks!