Sunday, 16 September 2012

PARTY REPORT Sept 8 *Nouveau Depart*

After a 4 month break sans soirées we finally came back to life last weekend inaugurating our alternative new summer venue, a charming attic apartment with lovely terrace in the Sant Antoni barrio. Given the low profile publicity the turn-out was larger than anticipated with a crowd of 59 managing to squeeze into the cozy space, 33 men and 26 women, all fabulous and cosmopolitan of course!
Whilst the dynamics of the space provided a novel change, on the food front I kept mostly to my tried and tested formula, with a few exceptions such as the chickpea terrine which proved a popular starter, and the chicken main course with creamy mustard and tarragon replacing the staple curry dish.
But the culinary highlight was definitely the amazing dessert "riz au lait" and caramel sauce, a special treat prepared for us by Parisian restauranteur Franck Pettier!  (FYI now looking to start a restaurant here in Barcelona, stay tuned!) One of my guests even commented to me it was the best dessert they had EVER tasted:) Franck also very kindly assisted us with general preparations and on the evening with his bursts of efficiency in the kitchen, so a big mercí beaucoup to him! Huge thanks also to my other wonderful friends - Philippe who took control in the kitchen (when I was losing it) and served up everything with a smile, Katrina my lovely cocktail-hostess-with-the-mostess, and last but not least my right hand man Mr Big, I couldn't have managed without you all:)
Unfortunately our ace photographer Thomas was struck by car problems en route and could not join us, but thankfully Katrina had the presence of mind to take some snapshots to record the evening:)