Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Cosmosoirée *CARNAVAL* Party Report

On a complicated long weekend with a Barça clash and many other parties to compete with, I guess it was bound to be a smaller crowd than usual, so in fact we did quite well to gather 49 high spirited, fancily- dressed international partiers! A handful of heroic hombres staunchly upheld the honour of the male population, most of whom evidently choose to wimp-out when it comes to costume parties;) The 17 guys who did make the effort were justly rewarded with the doting presence and attention of 32 lovely ladies.
photos Cesar Julian
It's good to see that the cosmo-fame is still spreading as we welcomed a relatively large number of 22 new-comers into our midst, 13 women and 9 men.
With my new improved loft layout providing extra space and better buffet access we freely floated about blazoning wings, wigs, swords and sombreros as we enjoyed the excellent company and a huge tasty feast, certainly nobody went hungry!
As an added bonus we were honoured with the services of photographer extraordinaire Cesar Julian, who conducted a photocall in my front room during the course of the evening with some fabulous and fun results! Thanks Cesar!!!

Special thanks also to my friends Brigitte and Philippe for their help on the night, and to all who attended for their great carnival spirits making it yet another very successful soirée:)