Tuesday, 31 March 2009


Undaunted by the bad weather a determined cosmocrowd turned out last Saturday for another hugely successful soirée. A total of 53 fabulous international people braved the heavy rain and joined together to eat, drink, be merry and make new friends! This time only 3 unfortunate confirmees had been struck down by SFS (sudden flu syndrome) and could not make it. The male/female ratio was evenly matched with 27 women and 26 men (mosty single and gorgeous;). There were 17 “repeat attenders” who had been to at least one of the 3 previous events, and 36 first-timers.

Amongst the guests from 20 different countries of origin there was a notable majority of Scandinavians and Northern Europeans, plus the usual healthy dose of North Americans and an ever- growing Australian contingent. Not to forget the sprinkling of Italian stallions and plenty of guapas and guapos from our host country. It’s also great to see some guests hailing from more exotic places such as Albania, Turkey and India. Our one Colombian guest was strangely the ONLY representative of the American continents south of the US border! Vamos, no puede ser, han de venir mas latinos!!!

I’m not sure if it was the rain or the presence of so many strapping young men (or the combination of both) but the abundant food supply was hungrily devoured and there was very little left-over this time. It was evidently greatly appreciated and complimented on, highlights being Sonja’s two delicious salads, Salvatore’s spinach and ricotta pie and mini-pizzas, my bok choy and pasta salads, samosas and pakoras from Ana, my ever-popular chicken curry, and to top it off Irma’s incredible chocolate cake! I would also like to thank Irma for all her help and support during the evening, and even with the cleaning up the next day:)

The soirée wound up around 1.30 – 2am with everyone enthusing about what a great time they'd had and vowing to come again. Many new found friends formed groups to continue the night in bars and clubs. For me a quick night-cap to wind down and hit the sack, exhausted but happy with such a wonderful evening!

Photos courtesy of Frances Farrell
P.S. Actually these are from the previous party but none were taken this time!

Thursday, 5 March 2009


Well, what can I say… it was HUGE! Only the third cosmosoirée ever but word seems to be spreading fast. We had 52 official guests (plus a few blow-ins) from 20 different countries of origin, including for the first time Sweden, Norway, Canada, Peru and India. The male/female ratio was however slightly imbalanced with women out-numbering men 32 to 20… so come on guys, that should be an incentive for you to sign up for the next one!

Once again the first course buffet was an impressive spread, highlights including Salavatore’s spinach and ricotta pie and mini-pizzas, Paolo’s artichoke quiche, delicious salads by Anna, Dani and myself, and some superb jamon from Josema. As the main course my chicken curry did not disappoint it's fans, and the dessert selection (served on the terrace this time) starred Salvatore’s panna cotta and Bea’s apple tart…Yum!

However of course the food is not the priority, the main idea is for everyone to meet new people and have a great time, and the cosmosoirée formula certainly seems to work in that respect! There was a wonderful vibe, with an interesting and varied crowd mingling and enjoying the company of new-found friends - as an example the evidence can always be seen on facebook in the following days!

Another personal highlight for me was the unexpected guest appearance of my very dear friend Frances, who hopped on a plane from Madrid just to be at the party and surprise me:)

The only slight downer of the evening was that my neighbours complained once or twice so I will have to control a couple of things in the future… no dropping-in late (and especially ringing the wrong doorbell), in future there will be no admission alter 11pm. Also I’ll probably try to tone down the activity on the terrace around 1:30 and bring the party quietly inside…

In keeping with my schedule the next party will be on Saturday March 28, and it promises to be a sell-out so reserve your place ASAP!
P.S. Some photos will be posted on the weekend courtesy of Frances