Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Saturday Sept 17 Party Report

Once again we achieved an optimum crowd for what was another super summer soirée, and HOT is definitely the adjective that springs to mind! The situation was even stickier due to a drooping fan and the fact that my faithful old freezer finally threw in the towel (hence less ice than usual, sorry), but thankfully spirits and energy levels did not seem to be adversely effected!
The gender balance was again a little askew with 41 women to 29 men, but we had a great turn out of new guests welcoming 37 to their first Cosmosoirée. As ever there was a great variety of nationalities although the local presence does seems to be growing!

I tried a couple of new dishes such as a chickpea salad and caramel panna cotta, both of which apparently went down well, along with all the other staples. And I must say a big mercí beaucoup to my lovely helpers, Mademoiselles Charlotte and Tina:)

Well the temperatures have certainly taken a dive since then, and as we bid farewell to the summer we can look forward to a COOL Cosmo in October!