Wednesday, 23 December 2009


A year had flown by since the very first experimental cosmosoirée on the 20th of December 2008. I could barely have hoped that the events would become so popular and successful, and that this anniversary occasion would culminate in such a perfect model of my concept!
With the freezing temperatures and the pre-christmas timing it might have been complicated to draw in a good crowd… but somehow the numbers came in spot on with a full house of 60, and magically there was an even balance of 30/30 men and women! Of these 21 men and 14 women were new-comers, the rest being cosmo-repeats. There were 17 countries of origin present: a good handful from France, Germany, USA, GB, and Australia/New Zealand, a couple each from Holland, Italy and Austria, and one each from Finland, Poland, Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Trinidad and Tobago, Argentina and Bolivia. Not to mention a massive 21 local representatives from Spain/Catalunya!
In my quest to keep improving the events I invested in some new capital equipment: a freezer for mass production of ice, a giant ice bucket, new sangria bowls, and several super-sized salad bowls. Another novelty was the printed welcome cards to explain the evening’s proceedings, and I think that these developments helped to run things more smoothly with a little less work on the night. Still I always count on a couple of good friends to arrive early and help me out with those final touches, a big thanks to Brigitte and Anna!
For the buffet spread I tried a few new dishes – a cous-cous salad, lentil walnut salad, sesame brussel sprouts, as well some of the old staples - bok choy, tuna pasta, baked potatoes with aubergine dip, ham and veggie slice and a spinach tortilla. Thanks also to Brigitte, Anna and Ana for their delicious contributions to the buffet, a salad, quiche and samosas/pakoras respectively.
As somewhat of an experiment I offered a choice of main course this time, the usual chicken curry or chile con carne (sin carne version for vegetarians) and I have to say the chicken curry won hands down! So I will probably save myself the extra work in future and just stick to the old favorite. For dessert I prepared a fruit salad, honey crackles and a bigger-than-ever chocolate gateau complete with anniversary candle, which I delivered on the terrace to a spontaneous chorus of “happy birthday to you”:)
Speaking of the terrace, the unique characteristic of this party was the fact that it did NOT all happen out there! The freezing conditions would have normally been alleviated by the gas heater, but unfortunately the gas ran out quite early in the evening and almost everyone stayed indoors, only venturing out for the occasional cigarette. It was interesting to see a different, more interior and cosier party... and thankfully there was a lot less smokers’ mess to clean up the next day;)
The festive spirit was definitely in the air and we soiréed on until almost 3am. I wish everyone a happy holiday season and look forward to seeing you all in 2010!