Tuesday, 1 May 2012

**Twilight** Party Report

It was a rather grey and rainy twilight but that didn't stop us from enjoying our Cosmojitos and cava cocktails as the daylight slowly slipped away.

The dreary weather may have accounted for a slightly smaller turn out than usual with a total of 55 attendees comprising 30 men and just 25 women, but spirits were high and a good time was definitely had by all.

I tried a couple of new dishes - a chickpea terrine with caramelised onions and spinach which proved a successful additioin to the buffet table, and as a main course variation I prepared marinated chicken with asparagus and mustard sauce and basmati rice. I think it went down well although as I began serving I found the quantity was strangely lacking... I later discovered that my volunteer helper who stir-fried the chicken had only cooked about half of my 5 kilos! So applolgies to anyone who felt their portion was rather on the small side;) I trust that appetites were satiated by the desserts!
Thanks to my helpers Tina, Katrina and Jack, and of course to resident photographer Thomas Wagner who was once again on hand to capture his wonderful images of the evening

Thomas Wagner photography
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