Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Next Event Saturday 17th June 9pm

*Irresistible ITALY!*

Benvenuti a tutti, let’s celebrate Italy!!! What’s not to LOVE about Italian cuisine and culture, we are sure to enjoy a wonderful evening of amazing food, fun vibes and an all-round fabulous time!

Naturally we will start with an aperitivo – a welcome SPRITZ and an aprebocca or two, before savoring a bowl of the chef’s specialty pasta… mmmm! For segundi we will be treated to an abundant buffet of classic Italian dishes, and finally of course, desserts!

Our lead chef Claudia, with over 10 years professional experience in the kitchens of Italy, will lovingly prepare some of her signature dishes to surprise and delight us. And to complete the menu with a variety of authentic fare, we invite our Italian friends to participate by bringing their favorite plate - Ai nostri amici italiani – vi invitiamo a contribuire all’evento con una specialita culinarian a vostra scelta!

As always we will enjoy an open bar of wines, beer and soft drinks throughout the evening, and the mood will be complete with a soundtrack of Italian music and the projection of some classic Italian movies!
APERITIVO: Aperol Spritz / Antipasta mista

PASTA SPECIALE: Gnocchetti alle vongole, con dadolata di zucchine al profumo di zafferano.

Lasagne alla bolognese della nonna Nella
Rissoto di funghi porcini
Parmiggiana di melanzane
Insalata di rucola, pera, parmigiano e noci
Insalata caprese clasica
Panzanella Siciliana

Baccalà in guazzetto, pomodorini, olive taggiasche e capperi di Pantelleria

DESSERT: Tiramisù / Panna cotta
YOUR CONTRIBUTION 30€ : Please bring in an envelope with your name on, thanks :)

DRESS CODE: Casual elegance – dolce vita style!

RSVP: please email me ASAP to confirm your attendance!

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Next Event Saturday May 20

*Hungry Hungary!*
Food culture is Huge in Hungary! Spicy, rich and an extravaganza of different flavors, it has long been the highlight among the cuisines of Central and Eastern Europe. For this occasion we will collaborate with two Hungarian businesses in Barcelona – Paprika Gourmet delicatessen and Hungaryto restaurant - to bring you an authentic Magyan feast!

 As custom demands we will open the appetite with “leves” a little soup, followed by an entrée “büfé” of Hungarian deli-delights including cold cuts of pastrami, salamis and cheese with salads, pickled vegetables and relishes, fill up your platter! But leave some room for main course, a couple of hearty stews – Goulash (of course!) and Chicken Paprikash. Finally let’s squeeze in some sweets - “Gundel Palacsinta”, flambéed pancake with chocolate, and “ Zserbó”, a traditional fruity cake.

To accompany our informal feast we will enjoy a welcome cocktail, free bar access of wines, beers etc., and best of all mingling with fun international people in a private party atmosphere.

STARTS: 8:30 pm
VENUE: Designer's loft @ Fabrica Lehmann, exact address by email
DRESS CODE: Informal elegance
CONTRIBUTION 30€ please bring in an envelope with your name on, thanks!
RSVP: Your place is not confirmed until you email me directly, please do so ASAP!

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Next Event Saturday May 6


Let’s welcome the month of May and celebrate the beautiful Barcelona Spring with a classic Cosmo-party! Join us to mingle with a cozy crowd of fun international people in a private party atmosphere, as we enjoy a casual 3 course feast with free flowing drinks. Newcomers welcome!
We return once again to our regular CosmoLoft, a design and renovation studio in a converted factory with a beautiful hidden courtyard surrounded by creative workshops - a bohemian hub in the heart of the Eixample!
FIRST COURSE BUFFET: Cosmo classics including tuna gratin, frittatas and delicious salads
MAIN COURSE: Chicken coconut curry with basmati rice
DESSERT: Citrus and Almond cake, Apple crumble, Panna Cotta with fruit.
OPEN BAR until midnight: red & white wine, cava, beer, sodas

TIME: 8pm to midnight
PLACE: Designer's loft in a converted factory near metro Urgell, exact address by email
DRESS CODE: Informal elegance
ENTRY: All included with your kind donation of 25€. Please bring in an envelope with your name on, thanks :)
ATTENDANCE CONFIRMATION: YOU MUST EMAIL ME TO CONFIRM! If you would like to bring a friend please give me their full name. I will send the exact address to confirmed attendees by email, guest list should be finalized at least one day before the event.

*Gusto Greco* Sat April 22

What a night it was! We were well over 50 people, amazing food and lots of fun! Big thanks to chefs Slavko and Emmett, and to Alexia for leading the Greek dance!

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Next event Saturdau April 22


As the weather warms up and the sunny season begins, let’s celebrate our “G” dinner with some Greek gusto! Greek cuisine is the perfect example of a traditional Mediterranean diet - a base of olive oil with fresh vegetables, seafood, meat and grains, combined with local herbs like oregano, mint, rosemary, garlic, bay, basil and thyme. It also incorporates plenty of cheese, yoghurt, honey and nuts, and all washed down with a healthy dose of wine of course!
Our informal feast will comprise a selection of “meze” (appetizers) followed by a main course buffet of typical Greek dishes, and a selection of desserts, all freshly prepared by Cordon Bleu chef Slavko Mitric of the fabulous Roux Bar -
As always we will enjoy a welcome cocktail, free bar access of wines, beers etc., and best of all mingling with fun international people in a private party atmosphere. We can’t promise any plate smashing, but otherwise will do our best to recreate the flavors, sounds and spirit of an authentic Grecian festivity!


MEZE: Spanakopita (spinach & feta filo) · grilled lamb rack with mint jelly · dolmades · feta watermelon spears · hummus · tzatziki · pita chips · olives…

MAIN COURSE BUFFET: Moussaka · koftas with tomato glaze · roasted lamb leg with pomegranate molasses glaze · Slavkos “Pulpo Fiction” · Greek salad · lemon thyme garlic roasted potatoes · sauteed green vegetable · saganaki with metaxa (flambée cheese with brandy)

DESSERT: baklava · rice pudding · fruit salad 

DRESS CODE: Casual chic... with a touch of Mediterranean madness ;)

CONTRIBUTION 30€ please bring in an envelope with your name on, thanks!

RSVP: Your place is not confirmed until you email me directly, please do so ASAP!

Monday, 13 March 2017

Next event Saturday 25 March

*a French aFare!*

The irresistible and inevitable choice for F in our alphabet series is FRANCE, naturellement! Our neighboring country needs no introduction, with its charismatic culture and celebrated gastronomy we are sure to enjoy a delightful and stylish soirée!
My good friend and experienced chef Philippe Ligot will take charge in the kitchen to prepare for us a selection of classic French dishes.We will enjoy a welcome aperitif and plentiful French wines and beer to accompany our informal feast, and best of all the opportunity to mingle and make new friends in a cosy, private party ambience.
L'APERO: Kir Royale / Pastis
APPETIZERS:  Oeuf Mimosa, Canapes au Paté, Quiche Lorraine

SOUPE à la’oignon
MAIN COURSE BUFFET:  quiche lorraine,  brandade de morue, ratatouille, poulet à l’orange, beef bourguignon, salade niçoise, salade aux chevre
...un pue de FROMAGE...
DESSERT: Tarte Tatin, Surprprise de Chocolate, Chantilly

DRINKS: Self-service red & white wines, cava, beer, juice, sodas, water...

DRESS CODE: Casual chic French style!
CONTRIBUTION 30€ please bring in an envelope with your name on, thanks!
RSVP: Please email me ASAP to confirm your place!


Monday, 20 February 2017

Next event Friday February 24


For our February supperclub event, dynamic young Cordon Bleu trained chef Michael Spencer will take charge in the kitchen, to titillate our taste buds with his own “sexy” rendition of some classic Egyptian dishes! Over thousands of years Egyptian cuisine has evolved with influences from many different cultures and civilizations, characterized by unique blends of spices and herbs with a strong emphasis on legumes and vegetables.
As always we will enjoy a welcome cocktail and free-flowing drinks throughout the evening, and most importantly the fabulous company… you! And why not bring a little carnival spirit to the party by adding a touch of Egyptian exoticism to your outfit!

Here’s how the menu is shaping up so far:

APPETIZERS: Dukkah (mixed spices and nuts dip), Roast Garlic Hummus, Goulash Bil Gibnah (filo parcels with mushroom,leek, feta), Koshari lettuce cups…

MAIN COURSE BUFFET: Lamb Kufta, “Mahshi” rice , Eggplant baked in a Baharat Sauce, Samek Alexandria (mixed spiced seafood bake), Macaroni Bechamel with Beef in a Red Sauce, Messa'aa (spiced meat & potato bake), Salata Gargeer…

DESSERT: Bilila, Mahalbia

DRESS CODE: Informal elegance with a CARNIVAL EGYPTIAN touch!

DONATION: 30€ please bring in an elvelopw with your name on. thanks :)

IMPORTANT: Please email me ASAP to confirm your place!

January Events

We had two events in January which I never got around to posting! On January 14 we celebrated the 8th anniversary of Cosmosoirée, it was a fabulous party with a total of 55 people including lots of old friends :)

Then on the 21st we enjoyed a very successful supperclub event "Danish Delights", with guest chef Paul cooking up a storm for a spirited crowd of 45.