Monday, 29 November 2010


What can I say, we have met the mother of all cosmosoirées! It will, (I hope;) go down in history as the biggest EVER (at least in my house!) There must be something about *Vendredi*… 77 fervent Friday night revellers crammed into the cosy cosmo-loft with three things on their mind - eat, drink and be merry! I was still busy greeting the continual influx of guests at the door when the buffet table came under the first wave of attack. Thankfully the lovely Brigitte was on hand to help control the masses and manage the placement of the hot dishes – ham and vegetable frittatas, tuna pasta bake, jacket potatoes and my new specialty meatballs! All of this plus the usual array of salads was disappearing at an alarming rate as we still awaited the last trickle of arrivals.

Finally it was time for me to close the door and resume kitchen duty, with a slightly more relaxed second chance to greet each of my guests whilst dishing out the chicken curry. Later it proved a veritable obstacle course trying to get the dessert dishes through the crowd and onto the terrace table, but eventually the peachy panna cotta, chocolate gateau and popular new citrus pie were in place… and all gone in about 5 minutes!

To get back to the vital statistics there were 41 women and 36 men, with an almost even split between newbies and cosmo-pros. I tallied up a relatively modest range of nationalities, just 13 compared to the 20 or so we are used to, with healthy contingents from our host country and neighbouring France vying for the majority.
I do feel this time it was just a tad overcrowded and I only hope that there was enough food and drink to satisfy all, in future I will try (even harder) to stick to the 65 limit to make things more comfortable and manageable. But whilst the huge turnout added to mess factor it evidently also added to the fun factor:) Cheers to everyone for their good spirits!

Friday, 8 October 2010

Hungarian Deli-Delights @ Paprika Gourmet... EVENT REPORT

As the first of a new type of gastronomic cosmo-celebration last thursday was a very successful evening! The delicatessen was transformed into a perfect setting for our intimite gourmet get together, its tantalizing product displays forming an exotic backdrop as we savored the delicious tapas and excellent wines.
The cosy crowd of 29 discerning guests hailed from 11 different countries of origin; France, Germany, Spain, Italy, USA, Serbia, Argentina, Finland, Turkey, Brazil and Australia. And not to forget our Hungarian hosts who provided a marvelously professional, generous and friendly service all evening.
Perhaps the biggest surprise was the social aspect of the evening, given the relatively small crowd and "cultural" theme everyone was in great spirits creating a wonderfully animated party vibe which lasted until we wound up close to midnight... thanks everyone!

Monday, 27 September 2010

Inaugurating a new cosmo-concept series of multi-culti gastronomic celebrations!!!...

*Hungarian Deli-Delights @ Paprika Gourmet*
thursday 7 october 8.30-11.30 pm

We will gather at the beautiful Eixample delicatessen and catering centre Paprika Gourmet to enjoy a delicious degustation dinner of quality food specialties and wines from Hungary. You will be welcomed with a glass of Tokaji (famous dry white wine) and a written synopsis of the tasting proposal before our hosts give a brief talk introducing us to the rich gastronomic tradition of their country. There will of course be plenty of time to mix and mingle as we are treated to a succession of 11 exquisite dishes accompanied by 4 glasses of distinctive Hungarian wines.

Take a look at the mouth-watering menu!
* Smoked ham with fruits
* Pastrami with orange mustard
* Canapé of deer salami with sour cherry jam
*Selection of Hungarian cheeses
*Duck carpaccio and black plum chutney with truffles
*Canape of rabbit salami with carrot and orange chutney
*Foie with Tokaji wine gel
*Cottage cheese selection with Zellers
*Goats cheese salad
*Canapé of Hungarian traditional salami with grated cheese
*Budapest ham with hawthorn jelly

1. Royal Tokaji Furmint 2007
2. Kékfankos Merlot Rosé 2009 by Ostoros (3rd prize international rosé)
3. Ostoros Cabernet Sauvingnon 2007
4. Sauska cuvée (Hungarian premium wine) 2007
Also included - mineral water, glass of orange juice, coffee and pálinka.

The special all-inclusive cost for the evening is 25€
Additional glasses of wine can be consumed (priced from 2.5€) and a full range of gourmet products will be available for purchase.
TIME: Event starts 8.30 sharp, you may enter from 8pm.
PLACE: Paprika Gourmet, C/ Lepant 311 (M Sagrada Familia)
ENTRANCE: Please have your 25€ at hand to ensure a smooth start.
RSVP: Strictly limited to 40 places, be sure to email me ASAP!
Guestlist must be confirmed by 8pm Oct 6

Monday, 6 September 2010


With a relatively slow response to invitations in august it looked like being a fairly quiet affair… but the last minute post-vacation flourish of RSVPs filled the event to a near capacity crowd of 63. There were around 21 countries of origin present, the less usual ones including Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Singapore and Peru. The feminine contingent slightly out-numbered the men with 34 to 29, and it was great to see so many new faces with a massive 34 first-timers!
The buffet spread included most of the cosmo-staples with just a couple of variations, plus a delicious salad from my friend Anna who also helped me out a lot on the night, thanks Anna!:) The main course chicken curry seemed to go down as well as ever, though my “basmati risotto” experiment was perhaps not the biggest success, in future I’ll stick to preparing it the normal way;) The meal was of course topped off by my signature desserts of fruit panna cotta and chocolate gateau, yum! The party atmosphere was as vibrant as ever until we wound up around 2am, with many people going on to continue the night in bars and clubs with new-found friends. Thanks to you all for participating in the good spirit of cosmosoirée, hope to see you again next time!

Monday, 26 July 2010


Our special summer celebration last saturday was a hugely successful soirée enjoyed by all. A big thank you to my wonderful friend Brigitte for co-hosting this event in her penthouse apartment with its fabulous terrace!
With our estimated crowd capacity of 60 we were fully booked and couldn't squeeze in everyone who wanted to come, sorry! Numbers came in more or less perfect with 59 guests plus the two hostesses, and may we congratulate ourselves on achieving a male majority this time (not an easy task in Bcn), with a ratio of 32 to 29. As usual the crowd was a great mix of diverse nationalities, ages, visitors and residents, including 24 newbies welcomed into the cosmo-ranks.

Photographic documentation of the evening is unfortunately limited... if anyone has any decent photos please post them!

Wednesday, 21 July 2010


There are no more sure places for this saturday's event, but you can email me to go on the waitlist.

Monday, 14 June 2010


With a lucky break in the rain which has plagued Barcelona for the past week, we were blessed with a perfect June evening, and most of the party action took place on the terrace under a beautiful clear sky.

Many cosmo-regulars couldn’t make it this time but we managed to pull in a massive 36 first-timers to make up a total crowd of 57, with 34 women and 23 men. There were guests from some 20 countries of origin, including a truly notable Italian contingent and the French team coming in a close second ;-)

I managed to relax and mingle quite a lot (so much so that I forgot to take any photos…) and it was wonderful to meet so many interesting new people, all happy cosmo-converts it would seem!

Details of the July event (not on the 3rd as previously scheduled) will soon be announced... with a surprise new location... See you there!

Wednesday, 26 May 2010


Yet again my party program seemed flawed by bad timing, clashing with a big football final and holiday Monday weekend! However we managed to pull in a very respectable crowd of 62 people, 33 women and 29 men from 19 different countries of origin. There were 34 cosmo repeat-attenders and 18 first-timers.

I stuck to my tried and tested menu, buffet spread of salads, ham-veggie slice and baked potatoes, main course chicken curry et al and for desert my fruit panna cotta and sponge cake with strawberries and cream. All seemed to go down well and was pretty much all polished off!
The welcome return of the warm weather added to the party spirit and the revelry continued until almost 3am, a great time had by all!
Next event is scheduled for June 12, at my place again then in July and August at least a couple of parties will be held at a special summer venue!

Photos courtesy of Taru Tuomi... watch out for her cosmo-comments!

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Saturday May 1st SELECTSOIRÉE *deluxe*... A MEMORABLE EVENING!

photo Cristian Diez I would like to start by thanking my amazing friends Cristian and Hop for allowing me to hold this event in their beautiful home, and for all their help and support! I believe it was a very special evening for everyone who came, captivated by the elegance and grandeur of this magnificent apartment and its enchanting garden terrace.

Given the spaciousness and glamour of the venue naturally I had to indulge in some extra luxuries such as real glasses and a live jazz band! Musicians Rhys, Gaspar and Jorge did an excellent job in keeping the cool and sophisticated vibe flowing all evening.
photos CesarJulian

I also want to thank two of my very best friends for lending a huge helping hand – Brigitte who charmingly managed the very popular “welcome” cocktail bar (to which guests repeatedly returned all evening ;-) and Jamie for taking charge of the buffet table until I was finally freed from my front door duties!
Having felt that the food was really not the focus of the evening I wanted to keep it a little simpler (not to mention less messy) than usual, so the buffet spread of salads and slices was itself the main course, all very healthy and it seemed to go down well! For dessert I put together a selection of cakes with a variety of fillings and fruit toppings.

When I finally had a chance to mingle with my guests and soak up the “ambience” it was obvious that everyone was having a great time and really enjoying the special setting and the fabulous company of the 92-strong international crowd. The patchy rain was unfortunate but even that didn’t manage to put a damper on an otherwise perfect evening!

As my first attempt at a cosmosoirée in a different venue it was actually much more work and stress than I could have imagined (next time I'm getting hired help!)… but with all the appreciation and encourgement shown to me by my wonderful guests it has proved to be worth the effort in the end. Thanks everyone, glad you enjoyed!
photos Marcel Pedragosa
photos Cesar Julian
photos me

Friday, 30 April 2010


There are no places left for the Selectsoirée, if you have not confirmed with me already it is too late! Next event will be on May 22nd.

SELECTSOIRÉE ESTÁ LLENA, no quedan plazas! Si aún no has confirmado conmigo ya es tarde... el próximo evento será el 22 de mayo.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Saturday 1st May SELECTSOIRÉE *deluxe* !!!

* A unique opportunity to mingle with the cosmo-crowd in a spectacular new setting *
BY INVITATION ONLY Cosmosoirée takes pleasure in announcing a very special evening on Saturday May 1st, in a magnificent private apartment in an 18th Century palacio of the Barrio Gótico! You will marvel at the grandiose proportions of this beautifully restored home with its modern touches of bohemian chic.

A welcome cocktail will ease you into the friendly international crowd enjoying the elegant reception rooms and enchanting garden patio, with live jazz wafting through the air. Treat yourself in true cosmo-style to the delicious buffet dinner and free-flowing drinks (in real glasses!), as we celebrate together the return of the warm weather and good times!
C/ Escudellers Blancs, Barrio Gótico, metro Liceu.
Exact address given with final confirmation

Starts 9pm sharp. Ends approx 1am

DRESS: Elegant, sharp shoes OK!

Includes welcome aperitif, buffet dinner, red & white wine, cava, beer etc.(in real glasses;) plus live jazz!

This is not an open event. Numbers limited to 80, first preference will be given to previous cosmosoirée guests. You MUST email directly to reserve your place!

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Sabado 1 de mayo Cosmo SELECTSOIRÉE *deluxe*

* Una oportunidad especial para compartir con la cosmo-gente en un sitio privilegiado *

CON INVITACIÓN PREVIA comunicamos una noche de Cosmosoirée muy especial el sábado 1 de mayo, en un magnífico apartamento privado dentro de un palacio del Barrio Gótico! Será una oportunidad espléndida para disfrutar de los grandiosos espacios de esta hermosa casa restaurada con modernos toques de chic bohemio.

Con un cóctel de bienvenida te reunirás con un amistoso público internacional, repartido por los elegantes salones junto con la encantadora terraza, en un agradable ambiente acompañado de música de jazz en vivo! Disfrutarás con el estilo-cosmo de una deliciosa cena buffet y bebidas a tu gusto, y a su vez celebraremos juntos el regreso del buen tiempo y de momentos de alegría!

C / Escudellers Blancs, Barrio Gótico, metro Liceu.
Dirección exacta con tu confirmación final.

Comienza a a las 21:00 en punto, Se ruega puntualidad
Termina sobre la 1:00.

VESTUARIO: elegante, tacones ok!

Incluye aperitivo de bienvenida, cena buffet, vino blanco y tinto, cava, cerveza, etc (en copas de verdad!), jazz en directo!

Evento cerrado, plazas limitadas a 80. Primera preferencia a previos asistentes al cosmosoirée. Es imprescindible enviarme un mail para reservar tu plaza!