Monday, 13 June 2011


As the rain bucketed down all day last friday I feared the party would be a washout, but miraculously the sun crept out by late afternoon and the turnout that evening was the biggest cosmo-crowd ever! With a massive total of 81 we also achieved another first - a male majority of 44 men to just 37 women! As usual it was a fabulous mix of international people from some 22 countries of origin, and we welcomed 33 new-comers to our midst.The menu included pretty much all of my fresh home-made staples with just a couple of new additions, a guacamole on the buffet table and my special new triple-tiered chocolate mousse cake dessert, which seemed to be a big hit! With a great job from my official helper Charlotte we managed to keep a degree of chaotic-control over supplies, service and mess management, but by 1:30 we gladly gave it up with bearly a morsel of food or drop of drink left! A good time was definitely had by all, and at the appropiate time they hit the road en masse to continue into the Barcelona nightlife... except for an inner clique who insisted on staying on to dance down memory lane until the wee hours:)