Saturday, 30 January 2010


Special complilation cd with original cover design by Carlos D Horta

With well over 60 guests confirmed and a waiting list of about 20 I knew this was going to be a big one! The final toll was a massive 66 people from 21 different countries of origin and 4 continents. There were 25 newbies attending for the first time and 41 repeat attenders who just love it so much they have to come back again and again! It seems the cosmosoirée is especially popular with the girls and even though I try to adjust the balance the final ratio was 38 women to just 28 guys (but I didn’t see the guys complaining;)

I was pretty well prepared for the onslaught this time… masses of ice to keep the drinks chilled… full butano canister in the terrace heater… some nice wintry dishes heating up the oven… and with the help of Brigitte and Irma who arrived a little early we had everything in place on time. Strangely enough although I felt calmer and more under control than usual, a number of people remarked that I looked stressed, hmmm...
With so many hungry mouths to feed the buffet spread stood up to the test remarkably well. The hot dishes were quickly polished off (a new addition being a good old Australian staple “tuna mornay” ) but the enormous salads proved too plentiful even for this crowd. Perhaps everyone was saving their appetites for the main course chicken curry, which was completely finished in the end after several guests came back for seconds. I will have to make even more next time! For dessert as well as the usual chocolate gateau and fruit salad I made a large panna cotta which was delicious (if I may say so myself) and obviously a big hit.
As a music highlight we were treated to a special cosmo-compilation cd by dj Carlos, and later a few crazy people got carried away dancing to Frank Sinatra…”I’ve got you under my skin” …Ahhhh…
The perfect evening gradually faded away until the last guests left just before 3am, and I went to sleep very happy with yet another wonderful cosmosoirée, they just keep getting bigger and better!