Friday, 8 October 2010

Hungarian Deli-Delights @ Paprika Gourmet... EVENT REPORT

As the first of a new type of gastronomic cosmo-celebration last thursday was a very successful evening! The delicatessen was transformed into a perfect setting for our intimite gourmet get together, its tantalizing product displays forming an exotic backdrop as we savored the delicious tapas and excellent wines.
The cosy crowd of 29 discerning guests hailed from 11 different countries of origin; France, Germany, Spain, Italy, USA, Serbia, Argentina, Finland, Turkey, Brazil and Australia. And not to forget our Hungarian hosts who provided a marvelously professional, generous and friendly service all evening.
Perhaps the biggest surprise was the social aspect of the evening, given the relatively small crowd and "cultural" theme everyone was in great spirits creating a wonderfully animated party vibe which lasted until we wound up close to midnight... thanks everyone!