Wednesday, 26 May 2010


Yet again my party program seemed flawed by bad timing, clashing with a big football final and holiday Monday weekend! However we managed to pull in a very respectable crowd of 62 people, 33 women and 29 men from 19 different countries of origin. There were 34 cosmo repeat-attenders and 18 first-timers.

I stuck to my tried and tested menu, buffet spread of salads, ham-veggie slice and baked potatoes, main course chicken curry et al and for desert my fruit panna cotta and sponge cake with strawberries and cream. All seemed to go down well and was pretty much all polished off!
The welcome return of the warm weather added to the party spirit and the revelry continued until almost 3am, a great time had by all!
Next event is scheduled for June 12, at my place again then in July and August at least a couple of parties will be held at a special summer venue!

Photos courtesy of Taru Tuomi... watch out for her cosmo-comments!

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Saturday May 1st SELECTSOIRÉE *deluxe*... A MEMORABLE EVENING!

photo Cristian Diez I would like to start by thanking my amazing friends Cristian and Hop for allowing me to hold this event in their beautiful home, and for all their help and support! I believe it was a very special evening for everyone who came, captivated by the elegance and grandeur of this magnificent apartment and its enchanting garden terrace.

Given the spaciousness and glamour of the venue naturally I had to indulge in some extra luxuries such as real glasses and a live jazz band! Musicians Rhys, Gaspar and Jorge did an excellent job in keeping the cool and sophisticated vibe flowing all evening.
photos CesarJulian

I also want to thank two of my very best friends for lending a huge helping hand – Brigitte who charmingly managed the very popular “welcome” cocktail bar (to which guests repeatedly returned all evening ;-) and Jamie for taking charge of the buffet table until I was finally freed from my front door duties!
Having felt that the food was really not the focus of the evening I wanted to keep it a little simpler (not to mention less messy) than usual, so the buffet spread of salads and slices was itself the main course, all very healthy and it seemed to go down well! For dessert I put together a selection of cakes with a variety of fillings and fruit toppings.

When I finally had a chance to mingle with my guests and soak up the “ambience” it was obvious that everyone was having a great time and really enjoying the special setting and the fabulous company of the 92-strong international crowd. The patchy rain was unfortunate but even that didn’t manage to put a damper on an otherwise perfect evening!

As my first attempt at a cosmosoirée in a different venue it was actually much more work and stress than I could have imagined (next time I'm getting hired help!)… but with all the appreciation and encourgement shown to me by my wonderful guests it has proved to be worth the effort in the end. Thanks everyone, glad you enjoyed!
photos Marcel Pedragosa
photos Cesar Julian
photos me